Loan Equipment and other Assets

The ACT Mini Car Club has a collection of specialised tools and equipment for the maintenance and repair of minis. Apart from our extensive tool collection, the club also has assets for use by members at club events, these include shade canopies, tables, esky, and banners.
The tools and equipment listed below are available for loan to club members. Unless otherwise stated, all items are available from the Assets Officer (Peter). (The displayed images are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the natural patina of the actual item).
Whilst not listed, the Assets Officer may have other specialised tools available from his own collection for loan to club members upon request.

Tool and Asset List

RefClub Item
1Engine Hoist
2Hydro Pump
3Battery Hydrometer
4Crankshaft Primary Oil Seal Protector / Replacer
5Flywheel Puller
6Tachometer / Dwell Tester
7Breaker Bar ½” Drive
8Timing Light
9Deep Socket 1 ½” – ¾” Drive
10Socket 1 1.8th – ½” Drive
11Ring Spanner 1”
12Ring Spanner 7/8” Whitworth
13Valve Spring Compressor
14Rubber Cone Spring Compressor + 2x Tops 14mm and 9/16” UNF
15Other Specialist Tools (Personal Property of Assets Officer which maybe available upon request)
16Shade Mesh Canopy
17Folding Shade Canopy
18Table Folding style
19Club Banner x 2
See President (Ann) or
Events Officer (Keith)
20Esky Cooler – White